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Our unique Offerings
icon Account management
  • Complete account management
  • Unearth new opportunities
  • Convince architects/engineering team
  • Drive design to production.

icon Sales and logistics
  • Connect with distributors to co-ordinate supply chain logistics in India
  • Provide input on realistic run rate
  • Manage PO from customer on distributor / supplier
  • Manage inventory at distributor wear house

icon Business Development
  • Connect at CXo level to C level at Indian local OEMS and MNCs
  • Connect at Design houses, defense and government PSUs
  • BD services to semiconductor vendors, IP vendors and tool vendors

Why Urukrama Semicon?
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  • Business development for all the niche products

    We provide expertise in business development for niche products which needs engagement with multiple leaders in organization.

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  • End to end sales cycle management

    We help our clients to manage complete sales cycle including forecast, customer PO, pull in, pull outs as per customer need and payments.

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  • Co-ordinate logistics, marketing and support efforts

    We take care of all marketing and support function on need basis. New product definition, customer validation, pre sales and post sales support co-ordination with client factory application team.

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  • Can hire dedicated FAEs on need basis

    If required, we hire dedicated FAEs to support customers during bring up time, software integration etc.

Vision of Urukrama

We are strongly rooted to the cultural and spiritual values and sincerely believe that relationship is of utmost importance in life. We want to see how we can be useful to others in the framework of society and business. Our presence should be able to empower others. Our relationship should be able to inspire faith in others towards humanity. We want to enjoy the journey together.

About Hiten
  • Hiten Bhagat
  • Founder & CEO

    Hiten Bhagat brings more than 22 years of engineering, sales and management experience in semiconductor and networking industry to his role as founder and CEO Urukrama Semicon Pvt Ltd. Before founding Urukrama, Hiten has worked in various sales, engineering and support roles at Microsemi Corporation, PMC Sierra, Cortina Systems, Vitesse Semiconductor and some start-ups in Silicon Valley. He holds BE (Electronic and Communication) from Gujarat University.

Our Partners
  • baysand_logo website:
  • BaySand

    Based in Silicon Valley, BaySand is a privately held semiconductor solutions provider developing metal only configurable design capability based on innovative and disruptive patented Metal Configurable Standard Cell (MCSC) technology. BaySand’s MCSC Technology, delivers equal or better aerial density, power and performance compared to standard-cell technology for ASIC, ASSP and SOC designs while providing unparalleled value propositions in reduced NRE, time to market (TTM) and design flexibility. With broad family of MCSC IP, custom design capability and standard platforms, BaySand offers the scope of technology and product options to enable design teams to quickly bring to market complete custom solutions while reducing accelerating design costs, product development times and mitigating risk through flexibility of design to address rapidly changing product and market requirements. Adopted by major companies, this innovative technology is available across a broad set of process technology nodes and foundry partners providing our customers with seamless migration to exceptional value and advantage compared to today’s standard design and implementation approaches. Read More...

  • iplight_logo website:
  • IPLight

    IP Light develops advanced Optical Transport Network (OTN) processors (either as ASSP, Application Specific Standard Products, or as FPGA IP cores) that enable carriers to take the leap into super broadband mobile services, deploying C-RAN based mobile networks or enhancing the capabilities of OTN optical networks quickly and cost effectively. With the growing need to accommodate bandwidth-hungry applications for wireless devices, IP Light’s ITU-T endorsed OTN technology provides a unique solution for low-cost mobile fronthaul, transporting CPRI and Ethernet over OTN for C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Networks) applications. IP Light’s Apodis and Orion OTN processors enable a paradigm shift as a result of their breakthrough cost, enabling carriers to roll out advanced mobile and wireline services such as high definition video and 3D gaming on existing or new fiber infrastructures. Read More...

  • xingtera_logo website:
  • Xingtera

    As a fabless IC company, Xingtera focuses on developing disruptive technologies to address four large markets: Home Networking, IP Camera Connectivity, Next-gen Access Network Infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT). Xingtera has been developing ITU-T any-wire modern ICs since its inception. Xingtera advocates + Low power WiFi integrated solution as the home network of choice worldwide. Read More...

  • ethernity_logo website:
  • Ethernity

    Ethernity Networks is a technology solutions provider that develops and delivers data processing technology used in high-end Carrier Ethernet applications across the telecom, mobile, security and data centre markets. The Company’s core technology, which is populated on programmable logic, enables data offloading at the pace of software development, improves performance and reduces power consumption and latency, therefore facilitating the deployment of virtualization of networking functionality. In response to the forecast increases in data creation, transfer and consumption, operators and manufacturers are developing the Carrier Ethernet and NFV/SDN markets. Both are markets in which the Company has developed solutions to assist operators to improve network efficiency and data transfer. The SDN market is estimated to reach US$70.41 billion by 2024, according to Grand View Research, Inc. Software Defined Networking has witnessed a surge in its popularity in the recent years due to the benefits it offers over the existing legacy infrastructure. The SDN solutions provide centralised control and operational capabilities, which help network administrators and engineers respond quickly and efficiently. The global NFV market (including hardware and software) will be worth US$15 billion by 2020, with software comprising 80% of that $15 billion, according to IHS Markit. Read More...

  • sckipio_logo website:
  • Sckipio

    Founded in 2012, Sckipio is the first semiconductor company focused on the exciting new ITU standard, G.Fast. Headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel, Sckipio was founded by a veteran team of communications experts with deep experience in broadband access and home networking solutions. Sckipio’s 70-person Gfast team helped create many important communications standards including ADSL, VDSL, WiMax, LTE, WiFi, HomePNA, HomePlug,, Gfast and MoCA. Backed by leading venture capitalists, Sckipio is the first company to deliver modems and the only company with award-winning Gfast technology. More than 20% of the Gfast standard came from Sckipio technical contributions. Read More...

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